Luna 3x42 Night Vision Binoculars Visa större

Luna 3x42 Night Vision Kikare



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Luna 3x42 Night Vision Kikare

LN-NVB Water-resistant high-grade intensifier tubes which are hand selected with wide field of view. All glass are multi-element optics to minimize image distortion and gives a high transmission. Rubber coated house with large button makes it easy to operate the night vision even with gloves. Shade style eyecups shield is to prevent the light to come out from the ocularlens, that the animal will not detects the user.

Three versions are available: Super compact and lightweight LN-NVB2 perfect for quick terrain scan. LN-NVB3 is an all-round night vision. LN-NVB5 for extra distance and more detailed images.

Technical data:

  • Model: LN-NVB3
  • Objective: 42 mm 
  • Magnification: 3x
  • Field of view: 20°
  • Range of view: 200 m
  • Range of view IR: 100 m
  • Resolution: 36 lp/mm 
  • Dimension: 202x120x64 mm
  • Weight: 900 g